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Why you should integrate your EHS software

April 29, 2015 Christine Gebhart

One of the key factors that sets the Medgate platform apart from other EHS software is that it is an integrated solution. Integrating EHS data across your organization can have huge impact, both on the effectiveness of your organization as a whole, and on the individuals that are responsible for the health and safety of your employees.

This whitepaper, written by Chrissy Ellis, Medgate’s Product Manager, OH,  describes some of the ways that Medgate can integrate data between its different software suites, and highlights the benefits of selecting one complete and comprehensive solution for your EHS data, rather than relying on separate products for each individual department within your organization.

This paper discusses how:

  • Sharing data between your Safety and Occupational Health departments can reduce redundant data entry, and improve communication.
  • Integration of Case Management data and clinic visit data can make it easier to track absences, work restrictions and diagnoses.
  • Streamlining processes can have huge impacts in the productivity of your staff, and the level of care provided to your employees

About the Author

Christine Gebhart

Christine Gebhart is the Occupational Health Customer Success Manager at Cority. Christine supports the tier two customer support team, conducts client evaluations and hosts client training webinars. Formerly, Christine was the Occupational Health Product Manager at Cority where she provided technical expertise, guidance and support in the development of Cority 's Occupational Health Suite. Christine joined the Cority Product Team in 2013 after five years as a Senior Client Service Consultant with the Cority Consulting Services team. Prior to joining Cority in October of 2007, she was the technical lead and system administrator for a Cority OH & S implementation for a U.S. Army command. Christine earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of South Alabama. She was awarded a Department of Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service for exceptional performance as an Information Technology Specialist in the Army command of which she served.

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