Free Up Clinic Time To Focus On Patient Care

August 18, 2016

As compliance burdens have grown, Occupational Health has become more of a priority for many organizations. However, this prioritization hasn’t resulted in a corresponding increase in funding - many budgets have remained flat.


As a result, Occupational Health Clinics are often overstretched, where the same staff is forced to do more with less time. Administrative tasks, such as scheduling or responding to requests for records, can eat up much of your day, and most importantly, is time spent away from patients.


At Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, Medgate Portal has helped to relieve this administrative burden, leaving the team free to focus on patient care. Appointments, requests for medical histories and medical questionnaires are now handled through Medgate Portal.


In this on-demand webinar Starla Waite of Children’s Hospital describes the challenges her team was facing and illustrate how they have been overcome.


Watch this webinar on-demand to hear how Medgate’s Portal helped Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Omaha to:

  • Streamline appointment scheduling.
  • Schedule appointments during night shifts.
  • Give employees access to their immunization records.
  • Reduce the administrative burden on the clinic.
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